Corrina holds a wide array of zips in stock. She has Zips of all colours and sizes. Metal coat zips, chunky zips, invisible or concealed zips, zips on a roll for  soft furnishings, as well as jeans, skirt and dress zips. However, Corrina still may not have the right match to replace the broken zip in your garment. So be prepared to wait a couple of extra days if she has to order the matching zip in and wait for it to arrive, before she can fit it.


Corrina will tell you the price of replacing your zip when you leave your garment with her and let you know when to expect to return for it. She will ring or text you when it is done.



If you have a favourite item with a broken zip, give Corrina a call and she will be happy to help.    

For Corrina to replace your broken coat zip will cost from £22 upwards,

Sofa Cushion zip fittings also cost from £22

Dress zips cost from £15

Skirt and trouser zips from £12 

Jeans zips start at £10 Pocket and sleeve zips also cost from £10

Corrina also fits handbag and rucksack zips, starting at £15

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Drop off and pick up - 25 St Crispians Court, Claremont Road, Seaford BN25 2DZ

Between 9am and 7pm By arrangement.

Corrina is offering a collection and drop off service

for those unable to drop off and pick up.

Call Corrina to arrange to drop off your alterations or have them collected. 

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