Cushion Covers

Corrina is able to make a variety of cushion covers for you, from a single chair cushion, a pair for your conservatory or a full set to fit your

garden furniture, Motorhome or caravan.





Corrina is unable to stock reams of material and cannot purchase for you as she is only a small business. She can however make wonderful new covers to fit the cushions you bring with the material you provide.

The loss of a loved one.


If you wish, you can choose a special item of clothing or something that belonged to a loved one who has passed away, for Corrina to lovingly make a memorial cushion or pillow for you.


Work out how much material you will need to purchase to cover your foam. Corrina recommends to help you do this.


Corrina will be able to produce perfect fit cushions for your Ratan furniture, motor home or Caravan.


Consult her expertise before you do so. 


£ Payments

Corrina will be happy to take cash payments, She also has a Square device to take a card payment. 

She can also text you her bank details for online payment before you collet, if you prefer. 

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Drop off and pick up - 25 St Crispians Court, Claremont Road, Seaford BN25 2DZ

Between 9am and 7pm By arrangement.

Corrina is offering a collection and drop off service

for those unable to drop off and pick up.

Call Corrina to arrange to drop off your alterations or have them collected. 

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